Amazing Ideas Basement Pole Covers


Basement Pole Covers – If you are tired of looking ugly basement support poles, basement pole covers can hide those ugly red poles with something a little more attractive. If you are in the mood to be creative and want something different, you find there are many different ideas to choose from to make her look attractive inside the basement.

One idea for the basement pole covers is a Roman-style column. This is one of the best solutions for classic or contemporary homes. The cover is a regular column in two longitudinal halves, but fits around the pole, hiding the ugly metal pipe. This column is paired with a ring of upper and lower support that looks like a Romanesque column. Install this to make your finished basement look like an amphitheater.

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False wood columns are similar to the idea of ​​the Roman column. However, it is simply cylinders made of wood and come in two halves. Place the two halves around the pole, and has a floor to ceiling solution that hides basement pole covers. This idea also has an upper support base and to add detail and dimension. Wood columns have stain in any color you choose.

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