Drop Leaf Sofa Table Decorating


Drop leaf sofa table is a common part of the furniture in the living room as an accent piece. Sofa tables are not new to the world of home decor, which has been around since the 1700s. Around this time the pieces of the most common living room, sofas and settees, made with high back. Most people’s attention was called to the high back, very decorative. As furniture styles changed, back down, leaving a lot of open space to compensate for this empty space, furniture designers seek to make adjustments.

During this time, the fireplace is both the focus and the center of the room, so the sofa or sofa often located near the fireplace. The purpose of this is for both warmth and light. Sofa table, at the time, was behind the sofa because they are narrow and long as sofas and settees. They still use this method today. Unlike most ends or a console table that is used for storage or drink, drop leaf sofa table is usually for decorative purposes.

Drop leaf sofa table is probably one of the most common styles have today. They are made for durable, functional and very attractive. You’ll find them in a modern style, baroque and contemporary to name just a few.

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