Fashionable Standing Mirrored Jewelry Armoire


Standing mirrored jewelry armoire – Jewelry is often awkward and tangles easily with itself and other pieces. If you do not have a jewelry cabinet to help organize your stuff, then you can make one from items you have found around house. A well-organized jewelry cabinet can shave minutes off your morning routine that you can easily view and choose pieces that you want to go with your outfit. Look for sturdy materials that will help to divide spaces for rings, necklaces and earrings, as they are neatly organized and easily accessible.

Photo boxes are useful when you want to save a grouping of photos with a framing of photo inside. But it also works well as a homemade standing mirrored jewelry armoire by sprucing up outside of box and use cardboard to cover clear window on front. You can use a picture from a magazine, a picture of a loved one or just an interesting graphics, and then use hot glue and small items to decorate surrounding wood box photo; seashells works well. Leave it to dry and put all your jewelry pieces inside for safekeeping.

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You can transform a weathered, antique window to a fashionable standing mirrored jewelry armoire that will look shabby chic on your wall. Look for one that still has a screen in it. You can paint it to match your decor better, but try woefully it with sandpaper to keep antique look. Use middle panel to cover with contact paper or cardboard in a vintage print. Hang frame on your wall, and use screen that surrounds center to hang earrings. Place a few pins of screen to hang necklaces and rings, and their cabinet would look right at home with your decor.

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