How to Install Rustoleum Garage Floor


Rustoleum garage floor – Untreated concrete floors absorb fluids. Some fluids cause unsightly stains and others may freeze. Frozen fluids cause concrete cracking, weakening its structure. Sealing the surface of a concrete garage floor stains and protects freezing fluid. Epoxy floor coatings Rust-Oleum fill the porous surface of a concrete floor.

Instructions to install rustoleum garage floor: sweep loose debris from your garage floor with a stiff bristle broom. Scrape the floor with a paint scraper to remove 4 inches remains attached to the concrete surface. Mix the two parts of Rust-Oleum epoxy flooring in the container provided. Let it for 30 minutes.

Paint along the edges where the garage floor meets the walls or other obstacles with a 3-inch wide brush. Slide the roller cover 1/2-inch epoxy approved a roller handle. Connect the roller handle extension pole to 4 feet. Fill a saucepan with epoxy paint roller mixed paint Rust-Oleum.

Turn the paint roller into the paint roller tray full. Apply the paint on the floor making a 4-foot wide “W” on the floor in the back of the garage. Stroll along the “W” to spread the paint on the floor. Move over 2 feet and repeat the process. Spread the loose chips including decorative painting on wet. Continue applying paint and decorative chips until the coated floor. Let the coating rustoleum garage floor cure for 24 hours before using the garage floor.

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