How To Make Mudroom Bench With Storage


How To Make Mudroom Bench With Storage – A mudroom storage bench is a practical piece of furniture that keeps shoes, umbrellas, coats, school bags and other items. It can be an attractive piece of furniture and any size. To build a mudroom storage bench is a lot of work.

Cut four 16-by-16-by-1-inch wood pieces using a circular saw to create the bow and dividers of mudroom bench with storage. Cut two pieces of 46-by-16-by-one-inch wood pieces for the top and bottom of the bench. Cut a piece of 46-by-16-by-3/4-inch plywood. Create a rectangle from two of the temple and the top and bottom piece. Rest all four pieces on its 1-inch sides. Place the cut end of the bow against the long side of the upper and lower parts. Apply wood glue where the pieces meet. Hammer 2 inch nails through the upper and lower pieces of the cut edges to the bow. Place a nail was 4 inches.

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Slide the two pieces of arbitration between the top and bottom pieces of mudroom bench with storage. Space them 14 inches in from either side piece to create three equal compartments. Secure the divider in place by hammering nails through the upper and lower parts of the ends of the dividers, spacing nails every 4 inches down the length of the divider. Place the piece of plywood to the back of the bench. Since the construction is symmetrical, the back can be either side. Select the page that looks best constructed. Hammer a finishing nail through the plywood in crossbars, top, bottom and divider ends. Space nails every 6 inches. Paint or stain designed bench the color you want. Allow color or stain to dry overnight. Insert a 13-by-13-by-10-inch canvas bin in each of the three slots on the bench.

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