Recommendation of Epoxy Garage Floor Paint


Epoxy garage floor paint – I would appreciate me to recommend how I can paint the floor of my garage and if you need any preparation. The floor is polished concrete and we use it with two cars for a year. It is made ​​as concrete blocks with a small gap between them, which I think serves as expansion joint. Could you shed more paint to cover them such meetings without having problems then the paint to crack, do you recommend?

I hear no difference between the various brands that sell epoxy garage floor paint. For example, one that interests me the tire tracks in the ground and not marked, there are some brands that get the best time and other black marks left by the passage of time, leaving just black. Could you recommend a good brand and camp this objective?

Finally, I also paint around the perimeter of the wall, at a height of 1m from the floor. Can I also use Epoxy? The concrete wall is rough on two walls and cement in the other two. All currently they painted white. I also epoxy garage floor paint because I like to wash cars inside the garage.

Preparing Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Epoxy garage floor paint offers a relatively easy and cheap way to transform the old garage floor-gloomy into something beautiful. If you want your garage floor epoxy paint to look beautiful and last for years, you just have to commit to learn about proper preparation techniques to help prevent itching and peeling. Instructions to prepare epoxy garage floor paint: make sure the garage door is open. Remove from the garage floor any and all items that may interfere with their ability to apply the epoxy paint to the surface. Use a metal spatula to scrape the mud, paint drops and dirt in general from the garage floor. Apply a chemical degreaser for any area where oil or other fluids may have leaked from a car. Use a thick brush to loosen fluids. Use a pressure washer to rinse the area. Use the pressure washer to clean out the entire garage floor.  Let the garage floor to dry completely. Dilute the muriatic acid with water. Apply the solution to the spray nozzle it should have been included in the kit you purchased. Let the acid sit for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the solution thoroughly with a water hose. Finally, to prepare epoxy garage floor paint, feel the soil with your fingers. Repeat until the concrete surface feels gritty to the touch.

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